Los Angeles City Attorney Coalition

The City Attorney Coalition is a coalition of local justice reform organizations, advocates, and organizers working together to educate our communities on the powers of the Los Angeles City Attorney to emphasize care over punishment and incarceration and to hold polluters and abusive tenants and landlords accountable on behalf of the public; to elevate the importance of City Attorney elections for voters who support justice for all; and to promote greater accountability within the City Attorney’s office.


The Los Angeles City Attorney Coalition is proud to endorse Faisal Gill’s campaign for City Attorney. Faisal is the only candidate in the City Attorney’s race whose platform aligns with our mission to realize this office’s potential as a progressive powerhouse for our city. From curbing police abuse to expanding misdemeanor reform, suing corporate polluters to protecting workers from exploitation, Faisal’s platform reflects the full breadth of the City Attorney’s powers to serve as the people’s lawyer.


Pretrail detention

Commit to not seeking cash bail and pretrial detention for misdemeanors (in parity with Gascón’s cash bail directive), Default to least restrictive measures for pretrial release (ex. No electronic monitoring).


Worker Protection

Aggressively prosecute wage theft to ensure that workers are paid city minimum wage, paid for all hours worked, given their paid sick leave and benefits, and given their covered breaks and time off.


Environmental Litigation

Pursue companies dumping toxic chemicals into vulnerable communities, Sue companies who have contributed to climate change.


Tenants’ Rights

Sue slumlords who provide substandard and illegal dwellings, Sue landlords who use tactics to pressure tenants to leave their homes or evict them under pretext.

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